“Part of Birgitta’s process involved meeting with ourselves and our staff to help set goals, confront each other on issues that needed to be resolved that we were ignoring that could have been detrimental, and overall vastly improving communication and performance for us and our staff.”
Craig J. Skeels & Russell L. Fox
American Express Financial Advisors

“Birgitta Gregory, my coach, helped me figure out that the book was my priority and extracted from me a schedule for completion. My accountability to Birgitta made it easy to keep to the schedule.”
Bob Stone, Author of
“Confessions of a Civil Servant
Lessons in Changing America’s Government and Military”

“Birgitta commands the class attention and her communication skills promote creative learning. I found her to be nothing short of brilliant and her class direction followed suit. This course changed my life in ways that are incomprehensible. This was the best class I have taken in my life and I am forever grateful for Birgitta Gregory.”
Charlotte Leebron
Student/Ryokan College

"Birgitta has the classic and essential skills of any highly effective consultant to listen long and hard and ask very penetrating questions that elicit direct answers that lead to clear problem solving by her clients. It is as if she is talking and walking backwards at the same time, probing and creating space simultaneously."
Tom Stern
Author of CEO DAD

“Birgitta has helped us set a tone and develop a standard for our communication which is rooted in respect, honesty, and direct discussion. As a manager of the program, I have watched carefully as morale has improved, productivity is greater, and we have developed methods to avoid pitfalls of bad communication. Our board of directors has also been most pleased with what has been reported to them of her work.”
Laurence M. Lavin, Director
National Health Law Program,Inc.

"Birgitta is passionate about life and all that it has to offer. She supports our clients in developing communication and life skills by way of them taking personal responsibility and being accountable for what they create in their own lives. We are fortunate to have Birgitta on our team."
Kimberly Valnes, Chief Operations Officer
Promises Treatment Centers
Malibu and West Los Angeles, California

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