Get Your Relationships Right: Inside and Out What is your vision?

It starts with you and it ends with you. How well you know yourself, your needs, your fears, your desires, your feelings, your thoughts, will greatly determine how well you will know someone else. The more real you are with yourself the more real you can be in relationship with someone else.

"Birgitta has the classic and essential skills of any highly effective consultant to listen long and hard and ask very penetrating questions that elicit direct answers that lead to clear problem solving by her clients. It is as if she is talking and walking backwards at the same time, probing and creating space simultaneously."
- Tom Stern, Author of CEO DAD


An ongoing course in growth and learning:

Setting the foundation for successful relationships using ethical guidelines and professional standards to co-create relationships based on earned trust, presence and raised awareness.

Learning to apply coaching skills using effective, direct communication to facilitate learning and achieving significant results based on clearly established goals and action plans.

Developing skill sets to manage progress and accountability, through active listening, powerful questions and well defined agreements.


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