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Birgitta Gregory, Ph.D. is a Life Skills Coach, Corporate Consultant and College Instructor who works with corporations, groups, individuals and couples focusing on effective communication and interpersonal relationships. She facilitates the processes of identifying and dealing constructively with a variety of issues such as narcissistic defenses, development of appropriate boundaries, power and control issues, personality conflicts and team building. Dr. Gregory supports the development of effective skills to better manage anxiety, heighten awareness, use the language of accountability and responsibility, ask simple yet effective questions to create trust, and to become a more powerful negotiator in personal as well as business situations. She teaches life skills and helps process group members’ experiences, which helps to build trust, promote good morale, encourage optimal efficiency, integrate spirituality and create a higher quality life style.

Seminars and workshops that Dr. Gregory has lead and co-lead are “Effective Communication,” “The Soul of Addiction,” “Art of Leadership,” “The Maps of the Jungle: Navigating the Primitive Dimensions of the Workplace,” “The Core Self,” “Narcissism: Its Effect on Relationships,” “Parenting/Step Parenting,” “An Integrative and Creative Approach Working with Couples Achieving Lasting Solutions,” and “The RNA/DNA Epigenetic Dialogues of the Creative Unconscious: Are Quantum Dynamics Involved?.”

Dr. Gregory is a Swedish native who chose The United States of America to become her adopted homeland. The challenges she has encountered have taught her to access her innate flexibility, curiosity and creativity, making her a Life Skills expert. Dr.Gregory holds a Doctorate in Psychology, Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, and Bachelor of Sciencein Child Welfare Education.

There are no Upcoming Workshops / Seminars at this time.

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